A Complete Guide On Dressing For A Date.

  Everyone likes to make a date and both men and women take dressing for a date seriously. Your dress is very important as how you look and reflects your personality and well being. Well dressing shows you care and have a sense of style and loads of self esteem. The bottom line in well dressing is just right neither too much nor too little.

Dress for a date well let you whole being reflect your nature and personality. You must be attractive, appealing, and well groomed. Never done something that is not you. Luscious red lips, tight pants, or metal belts are out of fashion now days. Dressing sexy will just not make your date success.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dressing Tips

A women is beauttiful not only because of her features, complexion and figure but also with the correct dress sense, mannerisms and gait which adds on to her whole personality.

When a women uses the correct posture and stance not only is it considered a requirement by aesthetic considerations but woul be quite vital even for her own well being. On the other hand when a wrong style is maintained often there will be many physical deformities and ailments.

If you are short stature it is best to wear cloths with small prints as the large prints of garments will give you an illusion of your further reduced stature. Remember never to wear clothes with slanted stripes however, you should be clad in straight striped clothes as it will add a few inches to your height. If you prefer to wear sarees remember to select ones with small borders with high heled sandals.
On the other hand if you are a long statute you could just do the opposite as short stature and select large print, borders and flat heeled slippers.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Exiting a car short skirt

1 Pull skirt over legs as far as possible

2 Slide body toward the front edge of the seat, keeping skirt pulled over legs

3 Open the door

4 Keep knees and ankles together and slowly swing both legs and body toward the open door

5 Still keeping knees and ankles together, place feet onto the ground

6 If someone is not there with an extended hand, then use the side of the seat to help push one's self out

7 Stand up slowly

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Entering a car in a short skirt

Sitting pretty

I am sure all of you have seen or heard of celebrities flashing themselves when getting in or out of a car in a short skirt. Here are some pointers on how to gracefully enter and exit a car. Keeping knees together is the most important tip. However, both knees and ankles should be kept together in order to grace fully enter or exit a car in a skirt.
Entering a car in a short skirt

1 Open the door

2 Stand next to the seat

3 Keep knees and ankles together and sit at the edge of the seat

4 Slide body back into the seat as far as possible

5 With knees and ankles together, swing legs and body toward the front of the set

6 Close the door and make any necessary adjustments

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