A Complete Guide On Dressing For A Date.

  Everyone likes to make a date and both men and women take dressing for a date seriously. Your dress is very important as how you look and reflects your personality and well being. Well dressing shows you care and have a sense of style and loads of self esteem. The bottom line in well dressing is just right neither too much nor too little.

Dress for a date well let you whole being reflect your nature and personality. You must be attractive, appealing, and well groomed. Never done something that is not you. Luscious red lips, tight pants, or metal belts are out of fashion now days. Dressing sexy will just not make your date success.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to dress to make him wow?

When you going to meet him on your first date, you are always worry about what would be the impression you make upon him. Your dress is the primary key to all important factors on first date. It is important to know what type of person that you are going to date. Definitely you talks a lot with him online or by telephone before you go and meet him. So, in this time you must try to understand what type of fashions he likes. But don’t try to dress something that not in your taste of fashion, but you may able to find something that will match with his taste. Do not ever try to buy a new dress for the first date.

When we talking about dressing for the first date, you must always try to make something attractive and unique that will catch his eyes and mind and also if you can be a mind sticker, then your date is very successful.

The best thing you can do is selecting the right dress for your first date. Spend few minutes selecting the right dress, it is not important to be new or newly look to wear for the first date.

If you spend few minutes with your cloth collection, you may probably able to find the right dress for your first date.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your first date - How to dress?

Your first date is very important to you and there are lots of things that may come to your mind, most important is what to dress! Dress is one of the most important thing of any special occation and it is the key feature of giving a positive first impression. As we all know "the first impression" is the most important thing when you meet someone for the first time.

But dressing for your first date is something tricky, because this is not like others. You can not over dress too. If you do so, your partner will think that you are giving some unwanted weight for the date and may be he shall think as you are an unmanageble person. So, in this case never buy a new dress for your first date. Always wear a normal dress, and outline your true beauty and fashion. If he likes your true attitude, then your date is more successfull.

Don't give an extra weight for your first date. Always use what you already have such as dress, make-up, perfumes, shoes and almost everything. Onyl if you want to give him a gift (most of the time you don't want to give him a gift, but expect a gift from him), make it very cheap, a tattoo is a great gift for him but never ever buy an expensive gift that long lasting.

There is another very important thing that you should do when you are dressing for a date. If you never seen him before, talk about the dress that he is going to wear. Dress is the key thing that you can recognise each other, and you wear a sightly different dress than you told him you will going to dress. The reason is you must make him little different to identify you and you must go ealier before he comes. Don't be alone, always be with a crowd and try to identify him first, if u don't like his appearance, you can quit as soon as possible and avoid unnecessary worries.

These are only few steps that you will need to learn about dressing for the first date. I will tell you more from my experiences about dressing for a date.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Maria Shriver Her choice

Other mothers had their hair done, wore little skirts and carried purses, my mother wore tweed pants, had pencils in her hair and smoked a cigar. She always said, you may be beautiful, but it's going to go. Concentrate on your brains."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to Make her miss you?

Some men believe that women gravitate toward men who are aggressive when it comes to putting their bid in. This is not always the case. Most women like a man who can control his emotions, who has developed a sense of knowing when and how to be aggressive and who has learned when to ease off the gas and cruise in for the catch. There is a fine line between obsessive and aggressive.

Understand that in the early stages of dating, a woman is providing you with the opportunity to make a great impression. Take advantage of this time frame. One of the tricks to dating is to keep a woman interested enough to see that you are not in desperate need of her attention. The alluring affect of the honeymoon stage that’s often shared between couples can be quite intoxicating. Try your best to show your tempo. Take the reigns and allow a pace to emerge that will always have her coming back for more.

Make her miss you. Offering a woman every bit and piece of you will potentially extinguish her interest in a shorter period of time than if she were fed bread crumbs along the way. Limiting your availability at the onset will also raise your value in her eyes, as it indicates that you have a sense of independence. The elements of surprise and mystery work well in keeping her intrigued. Making her seem like an enhancement to your life by “taking tome out of your busy schedule” to spend with her will make her feel special.

Here are some helpful tips that will make her miss you and keep her coming back for more.

Get a life – if you have an overabundance of free tome on your hands, it is highly suggested that you fill up that void with hobbies and activities. This will help in keeping your temptation to call or hang out with her to a minimum. Remember, having other interest outside of her gives the impression that you are ok with “me” time. Codependence in the beginning stages of a relationship is the No.1 deterrent in the dating rule book, and this will definitely not make her miss you.

Make her wonder if you’re thinking of her – when you take a woman out on a date, other than calling to make sure she made it home safely, do not call her to discuss the date in detail the following day. Let her bask in the romance and give her time to imaging what your next interaction will entail. Calling her two or three days later is fine, as it lets her know that you’re thinking of her. Also, let some time pass before you ask her out on the next date. Buffering the time between contacts with her is a major step in making her miss you.

Limit your telephone interaction – the mature approach to keeping a woman interested is to limit your availability. Refrain from answering all of her calls, and when she leaves a message that isn’t urgent, allow a few hours to pass before you return her call (the same applies for text messages). But be sure to always remain courteous and return the call at some point. Be mindful not to cross the fine line between stimulating her interest and seeming uninterested if you are not interested, you can’t make her miss you.

Limit the time you spend with her – the importance of pacing yourself cannot be overstressed, as this will allow the romance to evolve naturally. The best way to do this is to put you on a two-to-three month schedule. During the first two or three months of your interaction, only meet with her during the week for small outings, such as dinner, a movie or an art showing. Keep it sweet and simple; show just enough to entice her and to exhibit your creativity. Weekends are reserved for intimate exchanges between couples. In the meantime, give the impression that you have a weekend life and use the weekdays as the opportunity to make her miss you and desire inclusive in your weekends.

First date lingering – shifting and shuffling your feet waiting for an invite into her home at the end of a date is not recommended. It is not necessary to extend an evening longer than it should be at this point in your interaction. If you do, you run the risk of getting caught up in the honeymoon stage. Politely walk her to her door, and then leave promptly. This brings closure to the moment, and also gives her room to miss you.

Don’t accept all her invitations – decline a few her invitations, specifically those that include groups of friends. Remember, having a social calendar gives the impression that she will not become your only source of entertainment in the event that you end up in a relationship with her.

All of these tips are keys in making a woman miss you or having her bask in the waves of fluttering butterflies and anticipation for the next time she sees you, and these tips truly work wonders during the initial stages of getting to know a woman. Don’t forget that as the relationship develops, it is essential to have a life of your own. Space, which can often be confused with disconnection, allows a woman to be her, by herself, which will benefit you in the long run. Who knows, it may even expand the lifetime of your relationship with her.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another 10 tips about dressign for a date

Here are some tips that you should do when you dressing for a date.

• Choose a stylish clothes that match with your body type and coloring.

• Remember to clean your hands and well manicured your nails.

• Dress according to the date venue. If it is a picnic then jeans and top or t-shirt will be perfect, or if it is a formal dinner then a nice flog or skirt will be ok.

• Wear a subtle perfumes and always shower before you go out.

• Wear clean footwear and carry a clean handkerchief.

Ok now there are some more things that you should not do. Here are those;

• Don't speak loudly or be loud.

• Wear a comfortable dress, and shoes.

• Never wear a new clothes or shoes. These can make you uncomfortable if they pinch or have starch in them.

• Never fidget and constantly adjust your clothing.

• Don't copy models or others that you see in glossies. Be yourself and dress for the date according to your body type. Avoid ill fitting or tight clothes.

• Do not experiment with anthing new.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Strictly for men

Five things tp spice up your love and make your girl friend drooling all over you.

Five things you should remember

* Her Birthday
* Your Anniversary
* Valentine's day
* Her favourite perfume
* Her contact number by heart

Five things you should say to Impress a women
* Oh you look stunning!
* This colour really suits you
* Oh heavens you're losing weight
* You look younger and alluring
* I love to talk to you, You completely relax me

Five things you should do to Impress a women
* Give her a call when it's absolutely unexpected and say "I love you"
* Send her flowers and sweets at her place of work
* Take her for an expensive candle light dinner and surprise her there with a marvellous gift
* Buy her something that she has been wanting and could not buy
* Plan a nice outing just for both of you and surprise her there.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Power Dressing, What are the clues?

Dressing for work is no longer just any outfit. Dressing for your career is as important as dressing for a wedding or a party. You must make sure you are dressed in a manner that represents your job and your position. For and example, in the West, it is customary for most career women to wear suits to work. Suits are smart, functional and give a sense of professionalism.
In Sri Lanka, the sari will always be the elegant winner in the boardroom. However, sari is not always practical and functional some women. The banking sector still prefers the sari-on the whole, you see the government sector and certain private business establishment.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sari Selection

Have an unspoken uniform in the sari. Lankan women will always look their best in sari but for most others, a suit is a more practical alternative. Morning colours are the best for work be it a sari or a suit. Pastel hades, white, greys and soft blues work bst against any skin tone. Dainty patterns and oft checks are also good for the day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pants are smart

If you are working in a creative area of work such as publishing and advertising, you maybe permitted to go for older shapes and colours - while pant sits are worn by some Lankan career women, ot many would resort to wearing pants to work, especially in larger commercial establishments. Pants are smart and when combined as a suit, can be an attractive option to skirt and top.

Jeans and bright colours can work with accessories such as scarves and head bands in a creative setting. Keep your corporate culure in mind, whatever you wear. Some companies will encourage casual wear on Friday and Saturday. Others will have their own, unspoken rules on what is right and what ins't. You can observe others or inquire from your co-workers on such condiions. You can always find your own personal style, no matter what the ground rules are.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Buying Quality Office wear

Quality office wear is no longer a difficult thing - shops and major shopping complexes store exciting office wear options and you can find some workable colours too.

There are certain instances when you may have to attend evening functions in daywear cloths, after work. You can always highlight your suit or ensemble at such times with an added scarf, a necklace or simply by putting your hair up.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Best colours Selection

Always invest in solid colours-a black skirt is a must and so is the classic white shirt. Go for colours such as steel grey and browns. They work well in the artificial light inside offices.
Select smart cuts with minimum fuss- details are not relevant to a working environment - just a classic cut and a smart no - fuss appearance will do. Select sensible shoes with manageable heels; you are not on parade, you are working. You can select practical optons and still look good enough to turn heads in the board room.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

To meet his parents

To meet his parents, Do wear the look above or, if you're going to a fancy restaurant, a dres. But don't overglam it-you don't want them to take one look at you and think, high maintenance!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Pretty selection

Not sure exactly how dressy or casual your date will be? Do opt for a pair of nottorn-up darker jeans with a tank or cami, a fitted jacket and a pair of heels. It's the one look that can go pretty much anywhere.

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